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08 July 2016


EUROCHAMBRES is the Brussels-based Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

EUROCHAMBRES represents over 20 million businesses in Europe through 45 members (43 national associations of chambers of commerce and industry and two transnational chamber organisations) and a network of 1700 regional and local Chambers. More than 98% of these businesses are SMEs.

EUROCHAMBRES is the sole European body that serves the general interests of European business – due to the multi-sectoral membership of chambers – and the only one so close to business, as a result of the Chambers’ regional focus.

EUROCHAMBRES strives to improve the general conditions in which businesses operate, to facilitate access to markets within and beyond the EU and to ensure the availability of human, financial and natural resources. In particular, based on regular consultation with its members,

EUROCHAMBRES represents European business interests to the European institutions. The association also manages and coordinates various projects, to the benefit of both Chambers and the wider business community.
Most of these EU-funded projects focus on encouraging business relations between the EU and third countries and on promoting entrepreneurship.
Finally, thanks to regular communication actions, and the organization of events, trainings and networking activities  the voice of the European business community is promoted.