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Chamber of Commerce of Bari

08 July 2016


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bari is a functionally autonomous body of public law which carries out, in the provincial territorial circumscription, the general interests of the business system by promoting and taking care of it in the framework of the development of the local economies.

There are two main functions of the Chamber of Commerce: administrative functions and promotion and business support functions.
The first one is the historical core of the Chamber's activities: the registration and certification of enterprises; the management of registers, roles, lists; the release of documents, certificates, surveys, permits, licenses for particular activities in Italy and abroad.
The second function is related to the assistance, economic information, professional training, studies and market research.
The Chamber of Commerce also exercises functions in the field of market surveillance also through the management of conciliation and arbitration services and the administrative supervision of contracts.

The Chamber manages facilities and infrastructure at local, regional and national level, participates in organizations and consortia, creates special agencies for the implementation of specific interventions.