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C-Detector: play offence against corruption!

31 May 2018


C-Detector is a self-assessment tool of corruption risks, created to support micro-SMEs operating in Europe in the implementation of appropriate measures to prevent and combat corruption.

Through a short questionnaire, C-Detector provides an assessment of the risk that the company could be exposed to corruptive situations and gives the possibility, after viewing the result of the test, to receive useful guidelines in preventing corruption, as well as concrete suggestions on actions to be taken to reduce the probability of occurrence of a corruptive event.

C-Detector was created as part of the "Anticorruption Toolkit for SMEs (ACTS)" project, funded by the European Commission under the "Economic and financial crime, corruption, environmental crime" program (HOME / 2014 / ISFP / AG / EFCE), coordinated by the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce with the participation of the chambers of commerce in Belgium, Italy, Romania, and Serbia.

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C-Detector: let's start!