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The ACTS project is co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union


December 12, 2017


In occasion of the International Anti-corruption Day 2017, the partners of the European Project ACTS, in collaboration with the Belgian Ministry of Economy and the International Chamber of Commerce in Belgium organized the event "Supporting SMEs against corruption", to discuss with EU insitutions and  stakeholders the tools and actions to be taken from European SMEs to prevent corrution.

EP resolution on corruption


The economic costs incurred by corruption in the EU amounts to around €120 billion per year according to an EU Commission’s report. This is 1% of the EU GDP, representing almost the annual budget of the EU.

In this perspective, the European Parliament adopted last 25th October a resolution on the fight against corruption and organized crime to better equip Member States in their contest against criminal organizations operating in the EU, calling each country to transpose and apply existing EU and international instruments as part of the fight against organized crime, corruption and money laundering. 

With this non-legislative resolution – that is a follow-up to the action plan adopted by the Parliament in 2013 - MEPs asked for a stronger legislative framework, a more effective police and judicial cooperation at EU level, the creation of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) and the necessity of preventing organized crime and corruption from infiltrating the legal economy.  Within this action, MEPs  asked also the European Commission to draw up blacklists of any undertakings which have proven links with organized crime and also to avoid them from entering into an economic relationship with a public authority and benefiting from EU funds. It is also necessary to create Europe’s awareness of organized crime complexity and dangers arising from the infiltration of criminal associations into the social, economic and political fabric of Members states.

EP Resolution