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The ACTS project is co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union


December 12, 2017


In occasion of the International Anti-corruption Day 2017, the partners of the European Project ACTS, in collaboration with the Belgian Ministry of Economy and the International Chamber of Commerce in Belgium organized the event "Supporting SMEs against corruption", to discuss with EU insitutions and  stakeholders the tools and actions to be taken from European SMEs to prevent corrution.

Chamber of Commerce of Latina

The Chamber of Commerce of Latina promotes the general interests of the local economy as well as administrative and economic functions relating to the business system. 
In particular, it exercises:
administrative functions such as the management of the Business Register, rolls and lists; 
market regulation functions, pursued thanks to its role of a neutral body, through the exercise of activities aimed at protecting the transparency and fairness of commercial transactions. In this context, the Chamber of Commerce of Latina promotes the management of alternative disputes resolution services and tools aimed at protect consumers and public trust;
economic promotion functions in support of the local economy also through the realization and management of infrastructure of general interest; the formulation of opinions and proposals to other public administrations on issues considered important for the economy; cooperation with educational institutions and universities in the field of vocational education and training and orientation to work and professions;
functions related to the services policy, also conducted at international level, with appropriate forms of integration and cooperation and, therefore, any activity at satisfying the needs and requirements of companies and the business community, including new and emerging forms of exercise, on an entrepreneurial, of each type of professional activity so far not represented. In this context, the Chamber of Commerce supports, prepares and, if necessary, also manages projects of internationalization of companies, stipulating also agreements for the construction of forms of local companies penetrate foreign markets and / or for the promotion of foreign investments on territory of the province;
functions related to the internationalization of enterprises, in particular SMEs, and promotion of foreign investments in the territory of the province.